Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Morning: Live Blog from Church Orders & Ministry Committee, Day 2

The committee moderator is outlining the day for the committee.

The committee is in a period of discernment in their small groups.

Stated Clerk Rev. Gradye Parsons has outlined to the committee who can speak and in what context.

A commissioner has moved that Overture 06-09 be approved.  The motion has been seconded.  The commissioner is speaking in favor of the motion.

A substitute motion is being recommended:   the group is asking that the Authoritative Interpretation of GA218 be removed and have no further effect.  The commissioner making this recommendation is speaking to the motion.  This is in regard to 06-04.  http://www.pc-biz.org/Explorer.aspx?id=2237

The substitute motion is not consistent with the ACC's advice.  The ACC had advised that the committee address G6.0106B.

The committee moderator does not believe that the substitute motion is appropriate.  A motion is on the floor is on the floor to sustain the decision of the moderator, meaning that the moderator's decision is under protest.  The moderator's decision has been upheld.

A committee member has spoken against 06-09 (http://www.pc-biz.org/Explorer.aspx?id=2309).  Committee members are speaking in favor of and against 06-09.

A different committee member is reading a substitute motion to the committee.  The motion to accept the substitute motion has been moved and seconded.

The committee will perfect the wording of 06-09 and then perfect the wording of the substitute motion.  Once this has happened, the committee will vote on which version will be discussed in committee.

The committee is voting to send the letter to all churches, etc., via US Postal Service and via email.  This is an amendment to the substitute motion.  This is an amendment to an amendment.  The question has been called, and the amendment to the amendment has carried.

The committee is currently perfecting the pastoral letter contained in the substitute motion.

It's noon; the committee is in recess until 1:30 p.m.

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swkflute said...

Slight correction: Rev. Gradye Parsons is the Stated Clerk of the church, not the moderator. But thanks for these updates!

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