Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Afternoon: Live Blog from Church Orders & Ministry Committee, Day 2

The committee is in session.  Apologies for the delay.

Committee members are addressing the floor regarding 06-09 and the substitute motion.

"Does this church stand for something?  Does this have some meaning in what we do?"

The committee is voting on whether to stop debate or not to vote on the question.   It passed, so now they are voting on whether or the the substitute question will become the main motion.  That did not pass, so the original question of 06-09 will be considered.

"Spirit of the Living God" has been sung, and prayer is being offered.

Question now on the floor is asking who is able to sign the minority report, and which way one will need to vote to do so.

The question to stop debate on 06-09 has been called.  The motion has passed.

The committee has voted to approve 06-09.  The vote was 36-yes, 16-no, 1 abstaining.  06-09 is going to plenary to be considered.

The committee is taking a break.

We are back from the break.

A commissioner is at the microphone speaking to the floor about the need for unity.  He encourages the committee to stay together.  "Maybe you were chosen to be here to show the rest of the world something." This man is an ecumenical advisor, an Episcopalian bishop.  He thinks that Presbyterians like debate.  "Show us Episcopalians how to do it better."

The committee is again discussing 06-04:  http://www.pc-biz.org/Explorer.aspx?id=2237.

The question has been called to approve the following:  "Declare that the interpretive statements concerning ordained service to homosexual church members by the 190th General Assembly (1979) of the UPUSA and the 191st General Assembly (1979) and all subsequent affirmations thereof, are returned to full force and effect."  This was not passed.

A motion was made to throw out all other overtures regarding G6-0106B.  The vote was 41 yes, 11 no.  Motion passes, which means that Committee 6 is finished with their work.  G-6.0109 amends the language currently in G-0106b

A minority report will be issued.

The committee is worshipping together and sharing communion.

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